The 21 Best Things to do in Streaky Bay

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Situated on the west coast of the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia, Streaky Bay is a picturesque coastal haven. It’s natural beauty makes it a prime spot for travellers who are drawn to it’s breathtaking natural attractions, sandy beaches and spectacular coastline. Beyond the plethora of natural attractions and outdoor activities on offer, Streaky Bay offers an array of exciting adventures, delicious dining opportunities and historical experiences.

Whether you’re looking to immerse yourself in nature, history, adventure or delicious food, Streaky Bay has something for everyone. In this blog post we have put together a list of the 21 best things to do in Streaky Bay, ensuring that your trip to this coastal haven is one that won’t be forgotten.

1. Witness Nature’s Power at the Whistling Rocks & Blowholes

Experience the power of nature at the Whistling Rocks and Blowholes, two unique geological formations situated just a short 20 minute drive outside of Streaky Bay. Witness the crashing waves create a spectacular visual display and hauntingly beautiful whistling sound. Prepare to be awestruck as you witness the mesmerising spectacle created by the powerful ocean waves and the coastal limestone of the Eyre Peninsula.

The magic began when rainfall, air and soil organics triggered chemical reactions, dissolving multiple vertical pipes in the limestone cliffs. Exposed to the relentless pounding of the ocean waves, these pipes were further enlarged by the power of the ocean, resulting in the formation of the iconic Whistling Rocks and Blowholes.

The whistling rocks are a ‘sight to be heard’ as waves crashing into the rocky cliffs results in a whistling sound emanating from the small blow holes. The volume of this mesmerising symphony intensifies with the strength of the waves. On a calm day the whistling sound will be a gentle murmur, on a rough day this sound transforms into an intense rumble, comparable to a jet engine.

The blowholes are a ‘sight to be seen’ as the waves crashing into the rock results in jets of ocean water being shot into the sky. The blowholes won’t put on a show on a calm day but prepare for a thrilling spectacle as they come to life during rough weather, shooting water high into the air as the crashing waves collide with the rocks. Be sure to add these awe-inspiring natural beauties on your list of things to do in Streaky Bay.

2. Visit the Iconic Streaky Bay Jetty

Right in the heart of Streaky Bay is the iconic Streaky Bay Jetty, a true gem on the picturesque coastline. Take a leisurely stroll along the jetty and be greeted with breathtaking vistas that stretch across the beautiful blue water. The jetty offers more than just stunning views making it a must-visit spot for all visitors to Streaky Bay.

For fishing enthusiasts, the Streaky Bay Jetty is a haven. Cast your line into the crystal-clear waters and try your luck at catching King George whiting, snapper, herring, salmon, blue swimmer crab, squid and more. The jetty also has a shark-safe swimming enclosure, ensuring a safe and enjoyable swim for those who want to take a dip in the refreshing cool waters.

If the allure of the jetty itself wasn’t enough, a lovely grassed area adjacent to the jetty is the perfect spot for a picnic. So pack a picnic, your bathers or a fishing rod and immerse yourself in the tranquil surroundings of the Streaky Bay Jetty.

streaky bay jetty
Image taken from the Streaky Bay website.

3. Encounter the Legendary Giant Shark Replica at the Shell Roadhouse

Encounter the legendary giant shark replica in the display room at the Shell Roadhouse and be astounded by it’s magnificent size. The fibreglass Great White Shark is a replica of the world-record catch caught on rod and reel in 1990.

The massive shark weighed in at 1520kgs and was more than 5 metres long! The shark took a 5 hour and 15 minute struggle to catch and then took another 3 hours to tow to the Streaky Bay Jetty. While the shark is a sight to see by itself the display room features newspaper clippings about the catch and a range of other interesting information about local marine life.

Besides just the display room, the Shell Roadhouse has loads on offer; with delicious dine-in and takeaway food, snacks, bait and tackle, ice, fuel and more. Make sure to add visiting the Shell Roadhouse on your list of things to do in Streaky Bay so you can truly appreciate the power and sheer size of these magnificent creatures.

At the time of writing this (August 2023) the Shell Roadhouse is open 7am-8:30pm every day of the week. There is no fee for checking out the display room with the giant shark replica.

4. Revisit History at the Streaky Bay Museum

Uncover the rich history of the area at the Streaky Bay Museum. Set in an original school building from 1901, the renowned museum building houses a large collection of different artefacts showcasing local history. Their exhibits cover a broad and varied scope of Streaky Bay’s history, with agricultural machinery, blacksmith tools, vehicles, surgical instruments and items related to farming, sailing, schooling, sporting and early settlers and pioneer families on display.

Ran by a passionate team of volunteers; the team, building and unique displays all bring the history of Streaky Bay to life. For history enthusiasts and those seeking to gain a deeper understanding of Streaky Bay, this museum is a must-see attraction to visit during your time in Streaky Bay.

At the time of writing this (August 2023) the museum is open on Tuesdays and Fridays between 9am-4pm and Saturday mornings between 9am-12pm. The museum charges a small entry fee which from what we can see online is only $7 per adult and $1 per child.

streaky bay museum
Image taken from the Streaky Bay website.

5. Explore the Past with the Streaky Bay Historic Walk

Embark on a self-guided historic walk through the town, discovering charming heritage buildings and learning about Streaky Bay’s past. This immersive experience will lead you on a trail of discovery, unveiling the town’s rich heritage and captivating past.

The walk features over 28 locations majority of which are close together within the CBD, making the walk an easy 2.6km. The trail passes iconic buildings and spots such as the Thomas Mudge Memorial, the Church of England, the Council Office and Institute Hall, the Streaky Bay Jetty, Campbell’s Landing and more.

The walk itself is a delightful experience, with it’s varied and exciting route. The easy 2.6km path allows you to take your time, savouring the beauty of each location at your own pace. So, lace up your walking shoes, grab a map and let the historic walk lead you on a memorable journey through Streaky Bay’s storied past.

ww1 cenotaph streaky bay

6. Hop in the Car and Go for a Scenic Drive

Take a scenic drive along the coast and soak in the mesmerising landscapes that the Eyre Peninsula is renowned for. With three breathtaking scenic drives near Streaky Bay, there’s no better way to appreciate the beauty of Streaky Bay and the surrounding area. We’ve explained each of the three scenic drives further below:

  • Westwall Way Loop Coastal Scenic Drive – This drive is a 30km scenic loop that takes you along the coast to a number of prime coastal attractions such as Granites beach and Smooth Pool. The drive takes around 1.5 to 3 hours depending on how many attractions you stop at. If you’re up for surfing, sand boarding, snorkelling or rockpool exploring, pack lunch and make a full day of the drive. Westwall Way Loop Coastal scenic drive is the ultimate way to explore the rugged coastline of this area.
  • Cape Bauer Loop Coastal Scenic Drive – This drive is another stunning coastal drive. At 38km the drive typically takes 1 to 2 hours but once again this depends on how many attractions you stop at and how long you spend at each. The highlight of this drive is stopping off at the Whistling Rocks and Blowholes (which we discussed earlier in this post) but the drive also goes via other spectacular attractions such as popular surf fishing spot, Hallys Beach.
  • Point Labatt Sea Lion Scenic Drive – This drive is a half day drive 51kms from Streaky Bay to Point Labatt Conservation Park. The conservation park is home to the only permanent colony of Australian Sea Lions on the Australian mainland. Featuring a purpose built viewing platform just 50m above the colony, it’s an impressive sight seeing the sea lions laze around, swim and fish underneath you.

7. Visit the Rare Point Labatt Sea Lion Colony

Visiting the adorable Australian sea lions at Point Labatt Conservation Park is an absolute must do for your list of things to do in Streaky Bay. Point Labatt Conservation Park is home to the only permanent colony of Australian sea lions on the Australian mainland, offering a unique opportunity for you to see these rare and endangered animals up-close.

Featuring a purpose built viewing platform just 50m above the colony, there’s no better way to see these creatures in the wild (without going on a professional tour). It’s truly an impressive sight seeing the sea lions laze around, swim and fish underneath you. If you’re lucky you may even get to see seal pups learning to swim, play and rest on the beach.

Animal experiences will always be a personal favourite for us but seeing these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat and hearing their calls was a standout during our time in Streaky Bay. Definitely venture out to this stunning spot of rugged coastal beauty while you’re in Streaky Bay and enjoy the rare opportunity of witnessing Australian sea lions in their natural habitat.

Note: The Point Labatt Conservation Park does not require an entry fee or park pass so this experience is free.

8. Watch Restored Engines Come to Life at the Streaky Bay Powerhouse Museum

Step back in time at the Streaky Bay Powerhouse Museum, where you can explore a fascinating collection of over 400 engines that have been restored and are in working condition. Be amazed watching these old engines sputter into life.

The Powerhouse Museum is a huge shed which houses hundreds of restored engines from the last 100 years. Each has their own unique story, having all been used for different occupations. The varied and comprehensive range is paradise for enthusiasts who could easily spend hours here appreciating each engine and the work that has gone into restoring and maintaining them.

What makes the Streaky Bay Powerhouse Museum truly exceptional is the dedication of the passionate individuals who restore and maintain the engines on display. Their commitment to restoring and preserving the engines is truly awe-inspiring.

At the time of writing this (August 2023) the Streaky Bay Powerhouse Museum is only open on Tuesdays and Fridays between 2pm and 5pm or by appointment. From what we can see online, entry is by donation.

streaky bay powerhouse museum

9. Marvel at the Magnificent Murphy’s Haystacks

Marvel at the ancient granite formations of Murphy’s Haystacks. Tucked away in the picturesque countryside near Streaky Bay, Murphy’s Haystacks are testament to the artistry of nature. Composed of pink granite believed to be over 1500 million years old, these granite formations, known as inselbergs, have evolved over time through the gradual processes of erosion and weathering.

Take your time walking amongst each formation and standing beneath them to truly appreciate their incredible size and beauty. A walking loop that takes approximately 20-30 minutes, guides you through this incredible site. Additionally, the site has a sheltered picnic area and toilet facilities so pack a picnic and spend a few hours here.

Should you desire, you can extend your stay by camping at Murphy’s Haystacks, sleeping beneath the stars next to a natural wonder. As dawn breaks and dusk falls, watch in awe as the rocks radiate a captivating orange glow, it’s an incredible display that mirrors the splendor of sunrise and sunset. A visit to Murphy’s Haystacks promises an extraordinary encounter with a natural masterpiece.

At the time of writing this (August 2023) Murphy’s Haystacks has an entry fee of $2 per person or $5 per family and camping fees are $10 per night. Bookings aren’t necessary and payment is via an honesty box at the gate.

murphys haystacks

10. Try Famous Seafood that Eyre Peninsula is Known for

When visiting Streaky Bay, don’t miss the opportunity to delight in the mouthwatering seafood that the Eyre Peninsula is famous for. There are a number of different ways to get your seafood fix, we’ve listed some of these below:

  • Catch and Cook Your Own – Catch your own delicious seafood with a fishing charter, on your own boat, from the local jetty or off the beach. There’s an abundance of marine life to try and catch including King George whiting, snapper, herring, salmon, blue swimmer crab, squid and more. At the end of the day, enjoy cooking it up and savouring the fruits of your labour.
  • Dine at a Local Seafood Eatery – Not up to catching and cooking the seafood yourself? Leave it to the professionals and enjoy a delicious seafood meal at a local seafood eatery. There are a number of fantastic spots such as seasonal food van Streaky Bay Fish Fix who serve mouthwatering street style seafood or the Streaky Bay Hotel who have a huge variety of seafood favourites on offer, like salt and pepper squid, crumbed calamari, garlic prawns and local King George whiting.
  • Buy Straight from the Source – A trip to Streaky Bay isn’t complete without buying fresh, high-quality seafood straight from the source. If you’re craving oysters, check out Evans Oysters who sell their hand selected oysters straight from the pristine waters of Streaky Bay. If you’re looking for variety visit Streaky Bay Marine Products’ retail outlet for their huge range of fresh seafood with abalone, King George whiting, snapper, salmon, crabs, lobsters, prawns, scallops, mussels and more on offer.

Whether you opt for a delicious meal at a local seafood eatery, purchase seafood from a local supplier or catch your own, Streaky Bay promises an unparalleled seafood journey.

grilling lobsters

11. Visit Streaky Bay’s Own Bay of Fires – The Granites

Feel as though you’ve been transported to the Bay of Fires in Tasmania with The Granites. Similarly to the Bay of Fires, The Granites is a beautiful beach that boasts large granite rocks partially covered in bright orange lichen, making for a stunning scene. The best bit? It’s just a short 20 minute drive away from Streaky Bay.

The Granites is a very popular surf beach with both locals and visitors so pack your board if you’re keen on catching some waves. If you’re not a surfer The Granites is also well known for it’s lagoon style rock pool. The rock pool is relatively large, offering ample space for multiple groups of people. We visited on a pretty busy day and still felt like we had our own little oasis to swim in. With it’s calm, crystal clear waters, The Granites rock pool is the perfect spot to enjoy a refreshing dip.

Note: The Granites has limited accessibility. Accessing the beach requires going down 100+ steps from the cliff top car park to the beach.

12. Learn from the Locals at the Streaky Bay Visitor Centre

Right in the heart of the town is your gateway to unlocking the treasures of this captivating coastal haven, the Streaky Bay Visitor Centre. The friendly team at the visitor centre share all of the ‘insider’ information about everything you need to know about Streaky Bay and the region. Whether you’re looking for information on accommodation, things to do, places to eat or something else, the team will be able to help.

Besides being the best spot to get information on Streaky Bay the visitor centre can also help with national park passes, boat ramp permits, maps and administrative services (such as photocopying, printing and laminating). They also sell souvenirs and local products. A visit to the Streaky Bay Visitor Centre is the perfect starting point for your Streaky Bay adventure.

At the time of writing this (August 2023) the Streaky Bay Visitor Centre is open Monday-Friday between 9am-3pm.

streaky bay visitor centre

13. Tee Off in Coastal Paradise at the Streaky Bay Golf Club

Tee off at the Streaky Bay Golf Club, where you can enjoy a round of golf amidst this stunning coastal town. Open all year round, this Par 72, 9 hole course is popular amongst local and visiting golf lovers. The strong sense of community at the golf club, makes each tee-off a chance to connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for the sport.

Nestled within a landscape that seamlessly merges rugged coastal terrain with lush greenery, the course presents an enticing challenge for golfers of all skill levels. So, no matter your skill level, grab your clubs and hit the course. The breathtaking coastal scenery of Streaky Bay and the thrill of a round (or two) of golf will make your visit unforgettable.

close up golf clubs

14. Skate or Cycle the Day Away

Skaters and cyclists rejoice! Embrace the outdoors in a more exhilarating way as Streaky Bay offers a haven for cycling and skating enthusiasts. With a network of well-maintained bicycle paths and a modern skate park, this coastal town invites visitors to pedal or skate their way through Streaky Bay.

Located in the centre of Streaky Bay, the Streaky Bay Skatepark has an open-flow design that features 1.8m walls, fun boxes, a small bowl and a low grinding rail. Fun for all ages, the skatepark is designed for beginner and intermediate users. It also has an undercover picnic area and a water fountain, so pack lunch and make a full day of your visit. Suitable for skateboards, bikes, scooters and roller blades, grab your gear of choice and hit the skatepark.

If exploring the town by bike is more your thing, you’re in luck. Cycling on Streaky Bay’s bicycle paths is a delightful way to experience the town’s beauty. Whether you’re a casual cyclist or a professional, the paths cater to various skill levels, making it accessible to everyone. As you pedal along, you’ll be treated to panoramic views of the sparkling coastline and the charming streets that make up the heart of Streaky Bay.

Whether you’re pedalling along the bicycle paths or performing tricks at the skate park, Streaky Bay offers a diverse array of outdoor activities for all ages. Whether you’re on a bike, roller blades, a scooter or a skateboard, take full advantage of Streaky Bay’s cycling paths and skate park to make the most of your coastal getaway.

skateboarding streaky bay

15. Take a Refreshing Dip in the Streaky Bay School Community Pool

Visiting during Summer and not keen on swimming in the ocean? Cool off with a refreshing swim at the Streaky Bay School Community Pool. Nestled in the heart of Streaky Bay, the Streaky Bay Community Pool is an inviting oasis to enjoy a leisurely swim and cool down from the warm Australian sun. The pool is the perfect space for locals and visitors of all ages.

At the time of writing this (August 2023) the pool is seasonally open from the start of November to the end of March. Open times are Monday-Friday 3:30pm-6pm and Saturday-Sunday 2pm-5pm. Casual entry fees are $10 per adult and $7 per child.

swimming pool

16. Visit the Nearby Town of Smoky Bay

If you have the time, expand your adventure by visiting the charming nearby town of Smoky Bay. Smoky Bay sits along the Eyre Peninsula coast just a 50 minute drive north of Streaky Bay.

Smoky Bay is a small coastal town known as a prime fishing destination and water-lovers paradise. Explore the town, swim in crystal clear rockpools, catch some waves and cast a line. If you’d like to know more on what to do in Smoky Bay make sure to check out our article; The 10 Best Things to do in Smoky Bay.

smoky bay point brown rockpool

17. Swim with Sea Lions and Dolphins in Baird Bay

For an extraordinary adventure in Streaky Bay, look no further than the Baird Bay Ocean Eco Experience. Immerse yourself in the pristine waters of Baird Bay and embark on a journey that brings you face-to-face with curious dolphins and playful sea lions in their natural habitat.

This unique opportunity allows you to swim alongside these incredible marine creatures while learning from knowledgeable guides who are passionate about marine conservation. Whether you’re an experienced swimmer or a novice, the tour prioritises safety and responsible interactions. If you’re seeking a one-of-a-kind experience that’s both thrilling and educational, the Baird Bay Ocean Eco Experience is a must-do activity that will create cherished memories of your time in Streaky Bay.

At the time of writing this (August 2023) the tour is $220 per adult and $130 per child (15 or under).

baird bay eco experience sea lion dolphin swim
Image taken from the Baird Bay Ocean Eco Experience website.

18. Learn How to Surf with the Streaky Bay Surf School

Ride the waves and learn to surf with the guidance of skilled instructors from the Streaky Bay Surf School. Under the expert guidance of skilled instructors, their lessons are where your wave-riding dreams become a reality, no matter your age, ability and experience level.

Set at Surfers Beach, lessons with Streaky Bay Surf School are the perfect way to get outdoors, experience the thrill of surfing and immerse yourself in the pristine beauty of Streaky Bay’s coastline. As well as having a patient and professional coach in the water with you, lessons also include the use of a high quality soft surfboard and a full length steamer wetsuit. So get ready to let the adventure begin, ride the waves and make unforgettable memories with Streaky Bay Surf School.

At the time of writing this (August 2023) individual surfing lessons are $120 per person, you can also do private lessons or group lessons that are less per person. They also offer paddle board lessons and tours but the prices of these are not listed on their website so you’d have to reach out to them to confirm these.


19. Hit One of the Many Amazing Beaches

Discover the pristine beauty of Streaky Bay’s beaches and spend a day fishing, sunbathing, swimming, surfing or stand-up paddle boarding. A true water lovers paradise, prepare to be swept away by the untouched beauty that graces the shores of Streaky Bay’s pristine beaches.

While we’ve already listed a few incredible beaches in this post, Streaky Bay has an abundance of incredible beaches that we’d definitely recommend checking out if you have the time. Below are some of the breathtaking beaches that surround Streaky Bay (that we haven’t mentioned already):

  • Perlubie Beach
  • Doctors Beach
  • Back Beach
  • Smooth Pool
  • Surfers Beach
  • Tractor Beach
  • Keeley Beach
  • Simounds Beach
streaky bay granites beach

20. Go Sandboarding or 4WDing at the Yanerbie Sandhills

For an adrenaline rush head to the iconic white sand dunes at Yanerbie Sandhills. Promising exhilarating experiences and awe-inspiring vistas, the Yanerbie Sandhills are a playground for adventurers of all ages. The iconic dunes are quite large, with their seemingly endless expanse resembling soft, fluffy clouds – a photographer’s dream.

The Yanerbie dunes are extremely popular for sandboarders who travel far and wide to experience the heart-pounding excitement of gliding down the tall white dunes. With each glide down the towering slopes, take in the stunning vista as you feel the rush of wind against your face and the sound of sand sliding beneath your board.

There are also designated 4WD tracks that run along the rugged coastline and into the sand dunes. If you’re an off-road enthusiast you can enjoy the challenge of navigating your vehicle through the undulating terrain. The sand dunes offer an unforgettable canvas for testing your driving skills, embracing the rush of the unknown and creating great memories during your time in Streaky Bay.

yanerbie sandhills streaky bay
Image taken from the Eyre Peninsula Tourism website.

21. Indulge in Some Yummy Food

After a day of exploring Streaky Bay make sure to treat yourself with some delectable local cuisine at one of Streaky Bay’s charming restaurants or cafes. We’ve put together a list of some of the food spots in Streaky Bay below:

  • Terrace 24
  • Drift Streaky Bay
  • Funk’d Coffee & Flowers
  • Elliots Streaky Bay Bakery
  • Streaky Bay Fish Fix
  • Streaky Bay Hotel Anchor Bistro

Enjoy Your Time in Streaky Bay!

Streaky Bay is the spot to be with its captivating landscapes, rich history and exhilarating adventures. Whether you’re seeking relaxation or excitement, this charming coastal town in South Australia promises an unforgettable experience. Embrace the spirit of adventure and make the most of your trip to Streaky Bay.

If you’re interested we’ve also put together some answers for frequently asked questions about Streaky Bay, SA below.

Where is Streaky Bay?

Streaky Bay is a coastal town located on the west of the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia.

What Region is Streaky Bay in?

Streaky Bay is in the Eyre Peninsula region of South Australia.

What Local Government Area is Streaky Bay in?

Streaky Bay is in the District Council of Streaky Bay.

What is Streaky Bay Known For?

Streaky Bay is well-known as a coastal haven with multiple pristine beaches that are prime spots for surfing and swimming. Besides being a water-lovers paradise Streaky Bay is also known for it’s natural wonders and delicious seafood.

Why is Streaky Bay Called Streaky Bay?

Streaky Bay was named by British navigator, Matthew Flinders, who named it Streaky Bay due to streaky discolouration he noticed in the water. Those streaks were caused by the reflection of light and seaweed.

How Far is Streaky Bay from Ceduna?

Streaky Bay is approximately 111km from Ceduna, which is about a 1-1.5 hour drive away (depending on traffic and which route you take).

How Far is Streaky Bay from Adelaide?

Streaky Bay is approximately 699km from Adelaide, which is about a 7.5-8.5 hour drive away (depending on traffic and which route you take).

How Far is Streaky Bay from Port Lincoln?

Streaky Bay is approximately 294km from Port Lincoln, which is about a 3-3.5 hour drive away (depending on traffic and which route you take).

How Far is Streaky Bay from Port Augusta?

Streaky Bay is approximately 391km from Port Augusta, which is about a 4-5.5 hour drive away (depending on traffic and which route you take).

How Far is Streaky Bay from Coffin Bay?

Streaky Bay is approximately 266km from Coffin Bay, which is about a 3-4 hour drive away (depending on traffic and which route you take).

How Many People Live in Streaky Bay?

Streaky Bay has a population of 2,165 (according to the 2021 Census).

What is there to do in Streaky Bay?

There are loads of great things to do in Streaky Bay, including:

  1. Visiting the Whistling Rocks and Blowholes
  2. Visiting the Streaky Bay Jetty
  3. Checking out the giant shark replica at the Shell Roadhouse
  4. Visiting the Streaky Bay Museum
  5. Going on the Streaky Bay Historic Walk
  6. Going for a scenic drive
  7. Visiting the rare Point Labatt Sea Lion Colony
  8. Visiting the Streaky Bay Powerhouse Museum
  9. Checking out Murphy’s Haystacks
  10. Trying the famous seafood the Eyre Peninsula is known for
  11. Swimming or surfing at The Granites
  12. Visiting the Streaky Bay Visitor Centre
  13. Playing a round of golf at the Streaky Bay Golf Club
  14. Skating or cycling at the Streaky Bay Skatepark or through the town
  15. Swimming in the Streaky Bay School Community Pool
  16. Visiting the nearby town of Smoky Bay
  17. Swimming with sea lions and dolphins in Baird Bay
  18. Learning how to surf with the Streaky Bay Surf School
  19. Going to one of the many amazing Streaky Bay beaches
  20. Sandboarding or four wheel driving at the Yanerbie Sandhills
  21. Enjoying delicious local cuisine

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