5 Cat Safe Indoor Plants

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I love our cats. They’re pretty great. They’re snuggly. They’re funny. They’re beautiful. They’re everything. But there is something about our cats that really really sucks. They’re allergic to almost every single plant in existence…. well, that’s what I thought. When on the hunt for plants for our home every single infamous Instagram plant that I was after turned out to be toxic to cats. You know the plants I’m talking about; philodendrons, monstera deliciosa plants, string of pearl plants (which side note, I think are ugly #sorry, but that’s another story!), etc.

Honestly I began to give up hope of ever living in a green oasis. Every single plant I stumbled across and fell in love with was toxic for cats. But I kept Googling and Googling in hunt of beautiful cat safe plants. Eventually I found some. And I’ve decided to list those plants out for any other struggling cat parents who dream of a plant filled home.

1. The Parlor Palm

Now this plant is one of my favourites. The parlor palm is also one of Korbin’s favourites (which you’d know if you stay up to date with our Instagram!). Korbin constantly eats this plant, so we’re glad it’s cat safe!

The parlor palm is a beautiful beautiful plant. It varies hugely in size, ours was approximately 30cm (but now it’s down to around 10cm because Korbin has been chomping on it!). However, the parlor palm can grow to over 1 meter.

One of the best features of the parlor palm, aside from it’s beauty and cat friendliness, is how low maintenance it is. Indoor parlor palms thrive in low light and cramped spaces. They also only require light watering. With a parlor palm it’s better to under water the plant rather than over water, which is great, because honestly, I forget about it a lot.

indoor parlor palm plant

2. Boston Ferns

Now you have to be very careful with ferns as only some ferns are cat safe. One type of fern that is safe for cats is the boston fern. The boston fern loves high humidity and indirect light, making it perfect for a bathroom. We have a boston fern in our bathroom and asides from Korbin eating it at any chance he gets, it’s thriving. We have our boston fern in a little pot but many have them in hanging baskets, which look super cute.

indoor boston fern

3. Orchids

Now we’ve never owned an orchid before. Apparently they’re extremely fickle and without the right care they die, which is probably why we’ve never owned one before. But ever since finding out that they’re cat friendly I’ve been eyeing them up any plant shop we go!

Orchids are hard not to like. They’re beautiful. They add a touch of elegance to any room and they come in a variety of different colours; from yellows, to whites to pinks.

Seeing as we’ve never owned an orchid before I can’t provide much insight into them. If we do get one however (which I’m sure we will soon!) we’ll keep you all up to date on our socials.

*Side note: I just Googled to see if Orchids are hard to look after and loads of sites are saying they are not difficult to keep alive…. maybe we’ll be getting (and successfully keeping alive) an orchid sooner than I thought.*

indoor orchid

4. Haworthia Succulents

Now this plant is for those who LOVE succulents. Unfortunately succulents are highly toxic to cats, which sucks because I always dreamed of having little decorative bowls filled with succulents on our dining table and around our house. But, thankfully the haworthia plant exists and it’s a great substitute. This plant is a small type of succulent that has bright white stripes (or bands), which has resulted in it gaining the nickname, zebra plant.

These plants are another fuss free option. They can go weeks without water. As long as they are in bright light (not direct light) and get watered every so often, they’re happy. Now if only our cats were that easy ;).

I don’t yet own my own little zebra plant, but it’s on my shopping list.

haworthia plant

5. Spider Plants

Now this is one that the cats love because they think it’s a toy. The spider plant is a fast growing plant that sports loads of long, thin leaves that sprawl out from the stem of the plant and appear bouncy in nature. Spider plants are a fun addition to any room.

Spider plants are also a low maintenance plants (are you spotting a theme here, we’re lazy plant owners). Spider plants are happy with bright, indirect light and well drained soil. Similarly to the parlor palm, spider plants prefer to be under watered rather than over watered. Which means you don’t have to worry if you forget a watering (or two!).

And there you go!

We hope we’ve helped you create a cat friendly plant oasis in your house! If you have any cat safe plant recommendations please let us know them in the comments or on our socials. I’m always looking for new plants to add to my shopping list. Happy plant shopping <3

*Note: this blog has featured images from stock photo sites. This is the one blog where we have not posted photos taken by ourselves as we haven’t had a chance to take pictures of our plants yet.*


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