The 5 Best Walking Trails in Collie

collie walking trails

Collie has an abundance of stunning walking trails. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker looking for something a little more difficult or you’re a newbie looking for a short trail to enjoy the natural beauty of Collie, there’s a walking trail for you.

In this post we’ll share the best walking trails in Collie and the ‘must knows’ before hitting those trails.

1. Jabitj Trail

Jabitj means ‘running water’ in the Noongar language which is what you can expect on this stunning walking trail. This Collie walking trail runs along the Preston river from the Wellington Dam to Honeymoon Pool, offering unmatched views of the river and its accompanying rapids and pools that you pass along the way. The combination of river, forest and hills means there’s not a single ‘boring section’ of this trail. The entire hike you’re looking forward to what you might see next.

The trail is 6km one way or 12km return, taking around 3-4 hours to complete depending on your pace and desire to sight see or take pictures.

Featuring steep ascents and descents, the occasional need to climb over tree trunks and a decent length, this trail is best suited for those who are comfortable with hiking and have some experience under their belts (or boots!).

honeymoon pools

2. Kurliiny Tjenangitj Trail

Kurliiny Tjenangitj means ‘come and see’ in the Noongar language which is exactly what you should do. The hike is varied and ticks a lot of boxes, with forest views, river views and a lookout point. Starting from the Honeymoon Pool campgrounds follow the Jabitj Trail until you’re eventually linked up to the Kurliiny Tjenangitj walk trail. After a steep climb you’ll reach a lookout which reward hikers with breathtaking views over the forest and Collie River.

The trail is 9.5km return and takes around 3-4 hours to complete depending on your pace. If you’re looking for something smaller you can opt for the shorter, 5km return walk from Honeymoon Pool to the lookout point above the Collie River and back.

With a steep climb to the lookout and a rocky descent this walking trail is considered moderately challenging so is best suited for comfortable and more experienced hikers.

3. Sika Trail

The Sika trail is a dual use, mountain biking and walking trail that starts at Wellington Dam and loops through the lush Jarrah and Marri forest, returning via the Potters Gorge campground. This walking trail allows you to enjoy the serene beauty of the forest, passing the tall trees that tower over you and the greenery that surrounds you. You’ll also catch the occassional glimpse of the Wellington Dam.

The trail is 10km return and takes around 2-3 hours to complete depending on your pace.

As a relatively flat trail with a stable path and few hills it’s suitable for less experienced hikers who are keen to immerse themselves in the forest.

wellington dam close up

4. Collie River Walk

The Collie River Walk is a family-friendly walk and cycle track that runs along the river. There are numerous attractions along the walking trail including; the swinging bridge, the Arboretum, Soldiers Memorial Park, Fred Scharf Lions Memorial Park and Minninup Pool. The beautiful views paired with so many attractions along the way make for a very entertaining hike.

The walking trail is 13km one way and takes around 2-3 hours to complete depending on your pace and whether you stop off at any of the attractions along the trail. The trail is easily accessible and has a lot of parking spots along it, which makes it easy to just walk specific sections of the trail if you wish.

As a well-marked, flat walking trail with sealed paths and lots of stop off points, the walking trail is suitable for all, including families.

5. Wiilman Bilya Trail

The Wiilman Bilya trail is named after the traditional Noongar group, Wiilman and the Noongar word for river, Bilya. It’s a long and relatively flat, full-day trail that takes you through the forest filled with magnificent Yarri, Marri and Jarrah trees and past the tranquil back waters of the Wellington Dam.

There are campsites at either end of the trail allowing you to camp overnight if you wish. Nyingarn campsite is at the Coalfields Highway end of the trail and Potters Gorge campsite is at the Wellington Dam end of the trail.

The trail is 19.7km one way and takes 5-7 hours to complete depending on your pace.

As of recently (September 2022) an entirely new section of the Wiilman Bilya Trail has opened up which has transformed the Wiilman Bilya Trail into an 87 kilometre loop that starts and finishes directly in the town of Collie. The walking trail is now a 5-day experience with multiple sites to stop and camp at along the way. You can still just do the 19.7km portion of the trail if you wish or you can take on the challenge of the full multi day trail.

The trail is classed as challenging hike based on its length and rough paths so is best suited for experienced hikers.

monarch wanderer butterfly collie

Other Notable Collie Walking Trails

Other notable Collie walking trails include:

  • The Karak Trail (a 3.5km walking trail with a sealed path that is accessible to all – walkers, cyclists, parents with prams and wheelchairs).
  • The Collie Mural Trail (a walking trail that takes you to amazing murals and artwork that’s spread throughout the town).
  • The Collie Central Precinct Walk Trail (a 2km walking trail that goes through the Collie CBD, giving walkers a glimpse into Collie’s past).
  • The Bibbulmun Track (the famous Bibbulmun Track runs through Collie, complete the Collie portion of the Bibbulum track which runs from Collie to Balingup).

Things to Consider when Taking on a Collie Walking Trail

  • Pick a walking trail that it suitable to your fitness level.
  • Check for any Emergency Gov WA warnings and the fire danger ratings for the area prior to starting the hike.
  • Pack appropriately (make sure you have sufficient water, first aid supplies and some snacks).
  • Dress appropriately depending on the weather.
  • Always use sun protection (use sunscreen, wear a hat or cover up and wear sunglasses).
  • Always follow the leave no trace principles.
  • Respect wildlife, observe from a distance.

Put on Your Hiking Boots and Enjoy!

And that’s it! Put on your hiking boots and enjoy the many incredible walking trails that Collie has on offer. We hope you enjoy your trip to Collie and have a great time immersing yourself in nature with one of these Collie walking trails.

Note: while we didn’t visit any of these walking trails during Spring, Spring would be a perfect time to experience the remarkable wildflowers that WA is famous for.


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