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Cycling is a wonderful way to explore Perth. Not only is it good for you (and the environment), cycling can help you discover hidden gems and stunning landscapes that you didn’t even know existed. Perth has some fantastic bike trails and plenty of winding paths to get lost on. And we’re not just talking to tourists here. If you’re lucky enough to live here, Perth has many hidden routes for locals to discover as well. 

Bike Trails

Perth is highly recommended by travel bloggers because of its dreamy views and natural beauty. This makes it a perfect place to cycle. You can cruise along the coast by day, and around the city at night. Below we’ve put together a few trails that we’d recommend trying:

1. Railway Reserves Heritage Trail

Within the Perth Hills national park is the Railway Reserves Heritage Trail, a unique trail that has a 41km loop set entirely on railway formations! The route features stunning nature and even several waterfalls on the way. This picturesque trail is a perfect way to get into nature and escape city life.

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2. Fremantle to Point Walter

At approximately 8km in length this is a shorter trail than the Railway Reserves Heritage Trail but that doesn’t make it any less beautiful! If you’re looking to be near the water rather than amongst the trees, this trail is the one for you. You’ll be cycling along the Swan River, breathing in the salty air. You can then finish up the route with a well-deserved dip in the ocean.

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3. Swan Valley Heritage Cycle Trail

This scenic award-winning trail is made up of three routes, 4km, 30km or 32km, depending on how far you want to go. All routes follow the West Swan Road on a shared-use path that is suitable for riders of all ages and fitness levels, so no need to worry if you’re not a cycling pro!

The trail passes by many hot spots for you to stop by along the way, such as fruit stalls, wineries and a chocolate factory! So if you’re going on this trail, we’d recommend making it a day trip!

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4. Lake Monger Loop

If you want a break from the city this trail is only a 5km cycle ride away! The route itself is 3.5km in length, circling around the picturesque 110 hectare lake. It’s a peaceful route that features stunning water and parkland views and plenty of wildlife.

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Things to Consider – Your Bike

Prior to using your bike make sure to go through a maintenance checklist before you go anywhere. The last thing you want is your bike falling apart mid route! Take your bike for a quick test drive to make sure the brakes work well and check that your tires are pumped, there’s oil on the chain and the seat and handlebars are in a comfortable position for you.

If you don’t already own a bike (or if your bike isn’t looking as tip top as it used to!), there are plenty of bike rental shops in Perth.

Things to Consider – Equipment

Your safety on the road should be first and foremost, so don’t neglect the traffic laws, protective gear, or any other equipment. Invest in a new helmet, light, and an emergency repair kit. Depending on the weather and the length of your trip, you may need some other items such as:

Local Options

Due to the social-distancing rules, at the moment it’s best to stick to local routes, near your house. Research the area surrounding your local neighborhood and see if you can find any hidden gems. You’ll be surprised what might be right on your doorstep. There are plently of sites (like Bikemap for example) that can help you find local trails.


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