Mount Hassell Hike: Everything You Need to Know

mount hassell hike stirling range national park

One of the easier mountain hikes in the Stirling Range, the Mount Hassell hike is still nothing short of impressive. Standing tall and proud in the heart of the Stirling Range, Mount Hassell is renowned for its open terrain, diverse flora and fauna and stunning views. The summit is a prime vantage point for admiring the other peaks of the Stirling Range with sweeping panoramic views. A hike that’s short, sweet and an achievable challenge for most, this majestic peak is a must-do for anyone who wants to appreciate the Stirling Range from a new perspective.

Before you set out on this adventure, it’s important to be fully prepared. To help you we’ve put together this comprehensive guide that covers everything you need to know about hiking Mount Hassell from the best time to visit and how much the hike costs to what to pack and what to wear. So, let’s dive in and unpack everything you need to know about the rewarding Mount Hassell hike.

How Long is the Mount Hassell Hike?

The Mount Hassell hike is approximately 3km return.

How Long does it Take to Hike Mount Hassell?

The Mount Hassell hike takes 2-3 hours to complete, depending on how long you spend on the summit, how often you stop to rest and your fitness level.

How High is Mount Hassell?

Mount Hassell has a height of 847 metres above sea level.

mount hassell hike trail information sign

What Grade is the Mount Hassell Hike?

The Mount Hassell hike is classified as a grade 4 hike. Grade 4 hikes can be long, rough and steep. They’re only recommended for people who have bushwalking experience.

How Hard is it to Hike Mount Hassell?

The Mount Hassell hike trail is one of the easier mountain trails in the Stirling Range, considered only moderately difficult. With that being said, the Mount Hassell hike includes areas of steep inclines, some rock scrambling and rough rocky terrain. We’ve included pictures of these below.

After completing many of the more difficult hikes of the Stirling Ranges including Toolbrunup Peak, Talyuberlup Peak, Bluff Knoll and Mount Magog we found Mount Hassell refreshing; as a fun and very achievable challenge with a trail that was varied and extremely rewarding.

Can Anyone Hike Mount Hassell?

Yes, the Mount Hassell hike is achievable by most as long as you know your own limits and take your time. With a moderate level of fitness and agility and a can do attitude you’ll be fine.

Can Kids Hike Mount Hassell?

Yes, kids can do the Mount Hassell hike. As a shorter and more achievable hike than others in the Stirling Range, Mount Hassell is seen as one of the most ‘family friendly’. However, we still would not recommend the trail for young kids and would only recommend it for older kids who have experience hiking. The trail is rough and rugged with some sections of rock scrambling.

Can Elderly People Hike Mount Hassell?

Yes, older people can hike Mount Hassell. The trail can be rough and rugged and there are some sections of rock scrambling so we’d only recommend taking it on if you have a moderate level of fitness and agility and don’t have any knee or leg issues.

Can you do the Mount Hassell Hike Solo?

Yes, the Mount Hassell hike can be done alone. Whenever taking on a solo hike we recommend letting someone else know before you start and giving them a heads up on approximately how long you expect the hike to take.

When is the Best Time of Year to Hike Mount Hassell?

You can take on the Mount Hassell hike any time of the year but we’d recommend doing it during spring (September-November). In spring you avoid the scorching heat of summer and the rain and wind of winter. The Stirling Range National Park also comes to life with blooming wildflowers in spring, adding an additional layer of beauty to the trail.

We completed the hike during summer in January and didn’t have any issues with heat as we started the hike early in the morning. We also still spotted some beautiful flowers and vegetation.

What is the Best Time to Hike Mount Hassell?

The Mount Hassell hike can be done at any time, the best starting time depends heavily on the month of your visit and the weather forecast. We’d recommend starting the hike when the weather is cooler but you still have perfect visibility. This is typically during the morning, just after sunrise.

The morning we completed the hike was cloudy and foggy so we had no visibility at the summit. We’d recommend monitoring the weather forecast (no matter the season) to avoid this. Unfortunately, we were completing a ‘4 mountains in 48 hours’ challenge for our YouTube channel so weren’t able to wait for better conditions. By the time we had reached the car park the clouds and fog at the summit had cleared.

mount hassell hike summit
Our view at the summit. We were surrounded by thick cloud and fog so couldn’t see any of our surroundings.

What Should I Expect on the Mount Hassell Hike?

Expect a short and sweet hike up Mount Hassell. Mount Hassell has pretty open terrain so you’re rewarded with multiple prime vantage points throughout the trail, perfect for admiring the other peaks of the Stirling Range. Cross a short boardwalk at the start of the trail before making your way onto a thin dirt path amongst the thick bushland.

mount hassell hike thin dirt path

You’ll continue on the dirt path which will gradually get steeper the further you go. Loose rocks will also start to appear on the path until they take over the path entirely and stick around for majority of the trail. Thankfully the trail isn’t too steep so these are easy to walk on but you’ll have to be slightly more careful where you step so you don’t slip.

Make sure to keep an eye out for wildlife along the trail. We spotted spiders, moths, frogs and lizards on the path during our visit.

Mount Hassell is a 3 tiered mountain with two smaller peaks before the highest point of the climb. Once you’ve reached the top of the first peak you’ll immediately be faced with your second peak and then your third. The final peak features a rock scramble that requires multiple points of contact. Don’t let that put you off, the climb isn’t too bad and before you know it you’re at the summit.

At the summit you’ll be greeted by a small rock cairn. Add a rock to the cairn before taking some time to enjoy the incredible views at the summit. Unfortunately we completed the hike on a cloudy and foggy morning so we had no visibility at the summit but in clear weather you’ll have sweeping panoramic views of the Stirling Range. You’ll get fantastic views of the other peaks, especially of Toolbrunup Peak which sits right next to Mount Hassell. The summit is relatively flat and large giving you some area to explore.

You’ll also have some fantastic vantage points from each of the smaller peaks where you can enjoy the views. An example of this is included below, as we were walking down and the clouds had started to clear we found a prime spot to sit and enjoy the view at one of the lower peaks.

How Much does it Cost to Hike Mount Hassell?

There is an entry fee for the Stirling Range National Park which the Mount Hassell hike is within. At the time of writing this (March 2023) the fee is $15 per vehicle (with 12 or fewer occupants).

If you’re visiting multiple national parks during your trip we would recommend getting a holiday pass or an annual all parks pass as these will be better value for money. Holiday passes are available for 5 days, 14 days or 4 weeks and annual all parks passes are available for a full year. You can buy these online (here) on the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions website.

Are there Toilets at Mount Hassell?

Unfortunately there are no toilets at the Mount Hassell hike. The nearest toilets are at the Bluff Knoll car park which is a 20 minute drive away.

Are there Any Other Facilities at Mount Hassell?

No, there are no other facilities at the Mount Hassell hike.

Do you Need a Map for Mount Hassell?

No, a map is not necessary for navigating the Mount Hassell hike. The path is generally straightforward and easy to follow as you’re surrounded by thick bushland. When you reach the rockier sections where the trail gets harder to navigate there are numerous trail markers providing additional guidance.

Is Mount Hassell Dog Friendly?

No, unfortunately dogs and all other pets are not allowed in the Stirling Range National Park. You’ll have to leave any pets at home if you plan on taking on the Mount Hassell hike.

Is there Phone Reception at Mount Hassell?

Yes there is, we had Telstra signal in the car park, on the trail and at the summit.

Is the Road to Mount Hassell Sealed?

No, the road that leads to Mount Hassell (Stirling Range Drive) is an unsealed dirt road. However, we were fine driving on Stirling Range Drive in our 2WD Mercedes Sprinter van, just make sure to drive carefully.

stirling range drive unsealed dirt road

Is there Parking at Mount Hassell?

Yes, there’s a small dirt car park at the base of Mount Hassell that would fit around 8-10 cars. There are no designated longer bays in the parking area however the spots are relatively long so our LWB Mercedes Sprinter van was able to fit just fine (as shown in the image below).

mount hassell car park

Where is Mount Hassell?

Mount Hassell is within the Stirling Range National Park in the Great Southern region of Western Australia.

How do you Get to Mount Hassell?

You will need to drive to get to Mount Hassell as there is no public transport available. Navigate to ‘Mount Hassell’ in Google Maps (link is here) which will take you to the car park at the base of the mountain.

How Far is Mount Hassell from Perth?

Mount Hassell is approximately 400km from Perth, which is about a 4.5-5 hour drive away (depending on traffic and which route you take).

How Far is Mount Hassell from Albany?

Mount Hassell is approximately 82km from Albany, which is about a 1 hour drive away (depending on traffic and which route you take).

Where does the Mount Hassell Hike Start?

The Mount Hassell hike starts from the car park at the base of the mountain. Once you arrive at the car park you’ll see a trail information sign and the start of the trail in a small clearing of the surrounding bushland.

What Should you Wear When Hiking Mount Hassell?

For the Mount Hassell hike we recommend wearing clothes that you are comfortable in. As the Stirling Range is known for sudden weather changes we’d advise wearing multiple layers that can be adjusted as needed. Additionally, some sections of the trail are overgrown (as shown in the image below) so we’d recommend wearing longer clothing to avoid scratches or irritation from the surrounding bushland.

It’s crucial to be sun smart also as the sun can be intense, particularly during summer. Make sure to wear a hat, cover up and apply sunscreen. Also wear sturdy and comfortable trainers or hiking boots to keep you stable while hiking on loose rock.

mount hassell hike overgrown area

What Should you Pack When Hiking Mount Hassell?

For the Mount Hassell hike trail we’d recommend packing the following items:

  • Water – bring at least 1L per person per hour.
  • Snacks – pack snacks in case you need to refuel during the hike.
  • First aid kit – regardless the length or difficulty of a hike we recommend packing a small first aid kit with basic supplies.
  • Hat – protect yourself from the sun by wearing a hat.
  • Sunscreen – protect your skin from the sun.
  • Camera – bring your camera or phone to capture the incredible views at the summit and along the trail of Mount Hassell.

Are there any Other Trails near Mount Hassell?

Yes, if you’re interested in tackling another hike, there are loads of other trails near Mount Hassell.

In addition to Mount Hassell, the Stirling Range National Park has five other remarkable mountain trails. These trails are; Bluff Knoll, Talyuberlup Peak, Toolbrunup Peak, Mount Magog and Mount Trio. Each mountain trail is unique in their own right so we’d definitely recommend taking on a few if you’re in the area for while.

Located just 30 minutes south of the Stirling Range is the Porongurup Range, another mountain range which has multiple stunning hikes. Two breathtaking hikes within the Porongurup Range are the Castle Rock Granite Skywalk trail and the Nancy Peak and Devils Slide hike.

Enjoy the Mount Hassell Hike!

That concludes our full guide on the Mount Hassell hike. We hope you have a fantastic hike, we’re sure you’ll love the phenomenal views at the summit.

Watch Our Experience Doing the Mount Hassell Hike

If you’re interested you can watch our experience doing the Mount Hassell hike in our YouTube video below when we took on the Mount Hassell hike and the Toolbrunup Peak hike as part of our ‘hiking 4 mountains in 48 hours’ challenge.


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