The Top 9 Things to do in Waroona WA

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If you’re heading over to Waroona for a little getaway and are not sure what to do, you’ve come to the right blog. We’ve put together a list of the top 9 things to do in Waroona for the ultimate day trip or weekend getaway.

1. Get into Some Watersports on Lake Navarino (Waroona Dam)

Nestled in the heart of the forest in Waroona is Lake Navarino (also known as Waroona Dam). Lake Navarino is the ‘go to’ spot for watersports. Visit on the weekend and you’re bound to find people water skiing, wakeboarding or tubing across the vibrant blue water. If you haven’t got a boat don’t worry, you can still engage in a bunch of other fun activities like kayaking, fishing and swimming. Travelling with you furry friend? No worries, dogs are allowed at Lake Navarino. 

Besides being a water-lovers paradise with so much to do, Lake Navarino is just straight up beautiful. The water is a vibrant blue that contrasts the orange coastline and deep green jarrah trees that line the lake’s edge. You won’t be disappointed by the stunning scenery at Lake Navarino in Waroona.

2. Make Some Fluffy Friends at Greener Pastures Sanctuary

Book a tour at the Greener Pastures Sanctuary in Waroona and make some new fluffy friends. The Greener Pastures Sanctuary is home to over 160 rescued animals, including; pigs, cows, sheep, goats, alpacas, chickens, ducks, turkeys, geese, horses, dogs, cats, galahs and foxes, all who have been rescued and now get to live their best lives.

The family-run Greener Pastures Sanctuary is set on 100 acres of beautiful countryside with a small team of volunteers who are focused on providing a loving and safe environment for the animals at their sanctuary. Booking a sanctuary tour is a perfect way to support the sanctuary while also getting to make your own connection with the animals, feeding the cows, giving belly rubs to the pigs and ‘booping the snoots’ of the sheep. A sanctuary tour is the perfect thing to do in Waroona for animal lovers.

green pastures sanctuary

3. Fish, Kayak and Swim the Day Away at the Drakesbrook Weir

Fish, kayak and swim the day away at the amazing Drakesbrook Weir in Waroona. Drakesbrook Weir is an irrigation weir that was constructed in 1932 by locals to collect water overflow from the Waroona Dam. The Drakesbrook Weir has had a bit of a makeover since then and is now a popular spot to spend the day. With toilet facilities, a swimming area, solar lighting, barbecues and shelters you can easily spend an entire day (or weekend) at the Weir.

The Drakesbrook Weir also has a 24 hour free recreational vehicle short stay area where motorhomes, caravans and camper vans can park up for the night. When in Waroona we stayed the night at Drakesbrook Weir and could have easily spent a week there, we spent the day kayaking, swimming and laying out in the sun. We couldn’t have asked for a better stay, with so much to do in Waroona.

4. Visit the Waroona Visitor Centre and Gallery

When in Waroona make sure to check out the Waroona Visitor Centre and Gallery. Not only will the staff there assist with local information and recommendations for Waroona but the centre is home to an art and craft gallery. With pieces from over 30 local artists and craftspeople on display their gallery includes unique paintings, woodwork, metalwork, sculptures, jewellery and more.

While you’re at Waroona Visitor Centre and Gallery, do a ‘fit check’ on Mooriel the cow who’s a prominent feature outside the centre. Mooriel is always dressed up in a creative outfit that changes frequently. You never know what to expect with Mooriels outfit.

5. Take on a Trail and Enjoy the Natural Beauty of Waroona

If you’d like to get outdoors and explore the natural beauty of Waroona, there’s no better way than to do a hiking trail. Waroona has a few fantastic trails available including the following:

  • Waroona Heritage Trail
  • Noise Scrub Bird Trail
  • Harvey River Walk Trail

The Waroona Heritage Trail specifically is a great way to explore the town of Waroona that all can enjoy. Like a giant game of hide and seek, the trail involves seeking the bollards throughout Waroona that each hold information on some of the historic buildings and sites that are in the town, making it the perfect thing to do. To join in on the fun head to the Waroona Visitor Centre and grab a map which will contain clues on where to find each of the bollards.

6. Enjoy Wine Tasting and a Picnic at Drakesbrook Wines

Wine lovers can enjoy a serene day at family-owned Drakesbrook Wines, tasting premium artisan wines while taking in the picturesque surrounds. The beauty of the property is a ‘must see’ by itself, but pair the stunning destination with bespoke wine tasting and a picnic and you’re in for the perfect day.

Having grown their collection from 4 wines in 2008, to 24 different wines today, the Drakesbrook Wines collection has won over 70 medals. Their wines represent what the beautiful Peel region can produce as Drakesbrook Wines use minimal intervention and minimal chemicals on their vineyard.

drakesbrook wines
Image taken from the Drakesbrook Wines website.

7. View the Waroona Memorial Hall

Right in the heart of Waroona is the historic Waroona Memorial Hall. First designed in 1932, the hall was opened in 1934 and was frequently used for movie screenings. The Memorial Hall is still at the heart of the community, hosting community events such as the Anzac Day Commemoration, Waroona Show-for the art exhibition, movie screenings, concerts, fundraising events and wedding receptions.

If you’re walking through the town, make sure to checkout the Waroona Memorial Hall and appreciate it’s longstanding history.

waroona memorial hall

8. Find Quirky at the Drakesbrook Antiques & Collectables

Stroll around and find quirky at Drakesbrook Antiques & Collectables. With an extensive range of exquisite antiques and collectables on display, you could spend hours here. Known as one of the world’s largest Moorcroft pottery retailers you’re sure to see unique pottery, with stunning designs. Drakesbrook Antique and Collectables also stock a large range of antique bears, including Charlie Bears.

It’s clear that the owners of Drakesbrook Antiques and Collectables are passionate about what they do, as they do frequent overseas trips to top up their displays and bring unique pieces for display in the heart of Waroona.

drakesbrook antiques and collectables

9. Grab an Award Winning Pie from Pinjarra Bakery

Pie lovers rejoice! Pinjarra Bakery has a location in Waroona where you can try one of their iconic pies for yourself. Pinjarra Bakery are known for having the Best Pie in Australia, so much so that they won the prestigious ‘Best Meat Pie in Australia’ award in both 2021 and 2019. But that’s not all they’ve won, Pinjarra Bakery have won over 700 state and national awards in the last 24 years.

They have an extensive range of gourmet pies from a classic beef mince pie to a tandoori vegan pie (and everything in-between!). If you have a bit of a sweet tooth, don’t fear, the Pinjarra Bakery have some delicious sweet treats also so you can still get your sugary fix.

pinjarra bakery waroona

Have an Amazing Trip to Waroona

And there you have our list of the top 9 things to do in Waroona! We hope you enjoyed this post and have an amazing trip to Waroona.

If you’re interested we’ve also put together some answers for frequently asked questions about Waroona below.

What is Waroona Known For?

The Shire of Waroona is known for being ‘Sea to Scarp’ extending from the Indian Ocean to the Darling Range, from pristine coastlines to beautiful forests. Waroona specifically is a historic town that has become a popular spot for weekend getaways, particularly for nature lovers who appreciate the natural beauty of Waroona.

How Far is Waroona from Perth?

Waroona is approximately 108 kilometres from Perth, which is about a 1.5 hour drive away (depending on traffic).

Are there Any Free Campsites for Caravans and Recreational Vehicles in Waroona?

Yes, there are 3 free recreational vehicle short stay areas across Waroona. These are:

  • Preston Beach (48 hour stays only)
  • Waroona Showgrounds (24 hour stays only)
  • Drakesbrook Weir (24 hour stays only)

Make sure to respect the location you stay at and abide by any rules set out by the Waroona Shire. We are extremely grateful to have been provided these stays during our time in Waroona.

How Big is Waroona?

Waroona has a total land area of 83,512.5 hectares and a population of 4650.

What Localities are Included in the Shire of Waroona?

The Shire of Waroona includes the following localities; Waroona, Hamel, Preston Beach and Lake Clifton. All of which are great places to visit.

What Region is Waroona in?

Waroona is within the Peel region.

What was Waroona Previously Known as?

Waroona was originally known as Drake’s Brook, which was later changed to Drakesbrook. In 1946, after the merging of two settlements, the name was officially changed to the Waroona we know today.

When were Settlers in Waroona?

Settlers began to arrive in the Waroona area in the late 1830s.


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