What to Buy Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend for Christmas

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Now, this blog isn’t going to be like every other ‘what to buy your boyfriend or girlfriend for Christmas’ blog. We’re not going to recommend the ‘usual’ gifts you hear about in these types of posts. We promise we won’t recommend socks, candles or jewellery. We’re going to recommend gifts that your partner is actually going to enjoy. Or, what we would enjoy at least.

Now to preface this post I think it’s important to note that we’re not materialistic people. We value experiences and quality time more than items. So that’s what our recommendations will be focused around.

1. An Activity That You Can Do Together

Purchase a voucher for an activity that you can do together. Think ice skating, a food or wine tour, a day of paint balling, a kayak tour, whatever you both would enjoy doing together. You don’t have to stick to what you’d usually do too, step outside your comfort zone and go for something different. It’s always fun to try something new together.

2. A Holiday

Because who doesn’t like a holiday? Now we’re not saying you need to go all out and buy a month long Europe trip for your partner (unless you want to of course!). We’re thinking a weekend away or a one night romantic stay in the city. Whatever you think your partner will like the most (and what you can afford).

3. Dining Vouchers

Purchase a voucher for or book a reservation at a restaurant or cafe (I’m sure this goes without saying but if you book a reservation rather than purchasing a voucher make sure you pick a date and time that suits you both!). You can never go wrong with good food or drinks. Either book at your favourite spot or try somewhere new.

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4. Something That Supports Their Hobby/Interests

Now this one really depends on what your partner’s hobbies are. Maybe they bake and you can buy them a set of fancy mixing bowls or maybe they’re a gamer and you can buy them a new game they’ve been eyeing up. Whatever their hobby is, look to buy something that relates to their hobby, then you know they’ll like it and you’ll show them that you’re supportive of their interests.

5. Something that Helps your Partner Relax

A float session, a massage, a facial. Purchase whatever allows your partner to relax. Now it’s important to note that each person relaxes in a different way, I for one couldn’t think of anything worse than a massage while others swear by it! For this reason it’s important to take the time to learn about what helps your partner relax.

You could even put together your own relaxation box for your partner filled with products that will help them relax; think a bath bomb, a face mask, their favourite chocolate bar, their favourite tea and a good book!

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That’s It!

And that’s it. We hope you guys enjoyed this post and we hoped we’ve helped you pick the perfect gift for your partner. Remember that most the time it’s really just the thought that matters when it comes to gifts, so if you’ve put a lot of thought into your gift your partner is sure to love it.

Make sure to let us know your gift recommendations in the comments. We’d love to hear your suggestions! And have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Hey! I’m Lydia. Alongside loving crafts and gaming, I’m food obsessed. Early 2020 I was diagnosed as Coeliac, which turned our lives upside down. From then on both Wehan and I became extremely passionate about creating all of the foods we love without sacrificing taste or texture. While I have no professional cooking experience AT ALL, I’m constantly in the kitchen trying out new recipes.


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