What to do in Yanchep National Park

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Being one of the most iconic tourist destinations of the Northern suburbs, the Yanchep National Park makes for the perfect day out.

Whether you live nearby to the Yanchep National Park (like us) or you’re travelling from the southern suburbs, a visit to the park is worth the drive. While the drive may look daunting on a map the Yanchep National Park is only around 45 minutes from the Perth city centre.

If you’re like us, when you think of ‘national park’ you think, grass, flowers and picnics, but the Yanchep National Park is SO much more than that. To showcase how much there is to do at the Yanchep National Park we’ve decided to put together this blog post on what to do at the Yanchep National Park.

Visit the Koalas

Our first stop at the Yanchep National Park was the Koala Boardwalk. The boardwalk is a 240 metre wooden boardwalk that you can stroll along and view the many Koala’s hanging out in the trees. When we visited, the Koalas were extremely high up in the trees but after going back a couple of hours later they had moved further down.

Go on a Hike

The Yanchep National Park is full of different trails, varying in length, difficulty and scenery. There are 5 different short walks at the Yanchep National Park.

We went on the Dwerta Mia walk trail which was beautiful. We would definitely recommend going on this walk. Next time we visit the Yanchep National Park we’ll definitely go on a few of the other walks.

The Yanchep National Park also has a number of extended walk trails.

Crystal Cave Tours

The crystal caves at the Yanchep National Park are iconic, and may be what the Yanchep National Park is most commonly known for. The cave is filled with stalactites, stalagmites and helictites (yes I had to Google what all of those were! They’re basically just different types of mineral deposits that give the cave it’s beauty!).

Unfortunately, cave visits are not included within your entry fee however the park runs cave tours if you wish to explore the caves. Cave tours operate daily and cost approximately $16 per person. You can either buy tickets to the cave tour from the visitor centre in the park (on the day of your visit) or you can book in advance online. The tour is a 45 minute guided tour that talks about how the cave was formed and about the creatures that live within the cave.

Have a Picnic

With beautiful well kept grass, lots of shaded areas, benches and BBQ facilities, the Yanchep National Park is the perfect place for a picnic. On the day of our visit we brought our own lunch, including cheese scrolls and strawberries and chocolate dipping sauce. If you don’t want to bring your own snacks however you can have lunch at the Yanchep Inn or the Chocolate Drops Tearooms.

Aboriginal Cultural Experience Tour

If you’re interested in Aboriginal culture this tour is a must. Similarly to the Crystal Cave tour this tour is not included in the Yanchep National Park entry fee, the tours cost approximately $16 per person. Just like the Crystal Cave tour you can buy tickets to the tour from the visitor centre in the park or you can book in advance online.

The tour lasts 45 minutes and covers Aboriginal culture, including; didgeridoo playing, spear throwing and the significance of plants and animals in local Noongar culture.

Do the Trees Adventure Course

The Trees Adventure Course is a new addition to the Yanchep National Park. We didn’t end up doing the Trees Adventure Course as it’s quite expensive and we already had a packed day. The course costs $48 per adult. Maybe we’d do it on a future visit.

We’ve done a Trees Adventure course before in Bali and we had a fantastic time. Trees Adventure courses are definitely a ton of fun for kids and adults alike.

What Else you Should Know When Visiting Yanchep National Park

Now that we’ve gone through many of the ‘to dos’ at the Yanchep National Park, all that’s left to discuss are the costs involved in a trip to the park. Entry fees for the Yanchep National Park are $15 per vehicle, which is fantastic value for a day out.


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