The Best 11 Things to do in Porongurup, WA

foggy castle rock granite skywalk porongurup national park

With an abundance of unique wildlife, natural wonders and jaw-dropping hikes, Porongurup is the perfect spot for nature lovers and thrill seekers. From taking on a unique hike with breathtaking panoramic views to visiting a premium distiller in a picturesque location, there’s a number of incredible things to do in Porongurup that will make your trip unforgettable.

For anyone wondering what to do during their upcoming trip to Porongurup we’ve put together this post of the best 11 things to do in Porongurup. With this list you’re bound to have the ultimate getaway.

1. Feel on Top of the World at the Castle Rock Granite Skywalk

Nestled in the Porongurup National Park is the Castle Rock Granite Skywalk. Sat 670 metres above sea level, the hike to the skywalk will reward you with incredible 360 degree views of the surrounding area. On a clear day you’ll see other peaks of the Porongurups, the Stirling Range and the surrounding countryside. A perfect way to appreciate the beauty of the region.

Those who take on the hike are not only rewarded with incredible views but a fun experience, making it the perfect thing to do in Porongurup for nature-lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. The trail passes the popular attraction, the balancing rock, an enormous oval-shaped boulder that seems like it’s balancing on the ground below.

The full return trail is 4.4km, taking around 1.5-2 hours to complete. A truly unique experience, the climb to the Granite Skywalk is not an easy feat with a couple of rock scrambles and 7 metre ladder climb. If you’d like to learn more about the Castle Rock Granite Skywalk hike make sure to check out our post: Granite Skywalk Castle Rock: Everything You Need to Know.

Park entry fees are required for the Porongurup National Park. At the time of writing this (January 2023) the price is $15 per standard vehicle (with 12 or less occupants). If you’re visiting multiple national parks during your trip we would recommend getting a holiday pass or an annual all parks pass as these will be better value for money. Holiday passes are available for 5 days, 14 days or 4 weeks and annual all parks passes are available for a full year.

castle rock granite skywalk porongurup national park

2. Appreciate Nature at the Tree-in-the-Rock

Defying all odds in the heart of Porongurup National Park is the Tree-in-the-Rock, which is exactly what it sounds like…. a tree growing in a large granite boulder! Thanks to the ability of Lichens to dissolve the rock surface, eventually forming hollows in the rock that over centuries become a perfect spot for ferns, flowers, grass and in this case, a large tree to grow.

The Tree-in-the-Rock is just a short 100 metre walk away from the Tree-in-the-Rock day use area through the surrounding Karri and Marri forest. A perfect way to immerse yourself in the nature of the Porongurup National Park, the walk itself is tranquil as you’re surrounded by lush greenery and the sound of birds off in the distance.

The Tree-in-the-Rock day use area has toilets, barbecues, picnic areas and is the starting point for multiple different walking trails. With so much to do and see, pack a picnic and make a full day of your visit to the Tree-in-the-Rock.

Park entry fees are required for the Porongurup National Park. At the time of writing this (January 2023) the price is $15 per standard vehicle (with 12 or less occupants).

3. Indulge Yourself in a Day of Wine Tastings

Home to a number of talented and award-winning winemakers, the Great Southern region is known for producing a huge variety of high-quality fine wines. Porongurup is no exception, with a number of world-class wineries. So wine lovers would be thrilled with a day of exploring the different wineries in Porongurup, enjoying tastings and at some of the stops; a delicious meal or cheese platter.

The best part? Being so close to the ranges and in such a beautiful region, all of the wineries are set in an incredible location, with breathtaking surroundings. You can soak in the tranquil scenery while enjoying magnificent wines.

We’ve put together a list below of just some of the incredible wineries in Porongurup:

  • Castle Rock Estate
  • Mount Trio Wines
  • Abbey Creek Vineyard
  • Ironwood Estate Wines
  • Duke’s Vineyard
castle rock estate cheese grazing wine tasting
Image taken from the Castle Rock Estate website.

4. Enjoy Premium Vodka and Gin at Woodlands Distillery

Set in the picturesque Porongurup Range is the Woodlands Distillery. Known for their premium quality handcrafted spirits, a trip to the distillery is the perfect outing for spirits lovers. Woodlands Distillery produce on-site; gin, vodka, liqueur, brandy and more recently, whiskey. No matter your drink of choice there’s something for you.

The Woodlands Distillery is located in an old shearing shed that was converted into the distillery it is today. On a 450-acre farm property with panoramic views of the surrounding range, you’ll be just as impressed with the stunning scenery as you are with the drinks.

The Woodlands Distillery are open for public viewings between 11am-4pm from Friday to Tuesday.

woodlands distillery spirits
Image taken from the Woodlands Distillery website.

5. Take on the Nancy Peak and Devils Slide Hike

Another incredible hike nestled in the heart of the Porongurup National Park is the Nancy Peak and Devils Slide hike. The most underrated hike of the Great Southern Region, this hidden gem is like being inside a terrarium, with an extremely rewarding and varied trail packed full of stunning wildflowers and plants.

Taking on two mountains; Nancy Peak and Devils Slide, both summits provide extraordinary panoramic views of the surrounding countryside and on a clear day you’ll be able to see the Stirling Ranges off in the distance.

This 7.58km return hike, takes around 3-5 hours on average. With a steep, rugged and overgrown path, the hike is a fun but achievable challenge for anyone with a good level of fitness. If you’d like to learn more about the Nancy Peak and Devils Slide hike make sure to check out our post: Nancy Peak and Devils Slide Hike, Porongurup: Everything You Need to Know.

Park entry fees are required for the Porongurup National Park. At the time of writing this (January 2023) the price is $15 per standard vehicle (with 12 or less occupants).

nancy peak and devils slide summit

6. Explore Porongurup with a Scenic Drive

Explore Porongurup in the comfort of your own car with a scenic drive. A scenic drive is always the perfect thing to do when you want a relaxed way to explore an area. Porongurup has two fantastic scenic drive options, each of which provide breathtaking views and show how remarkable the region is.

The first is a 23km circuit around the Porongurup Range. Take your time, put on some music and enjoy the impressive views of the peaks and surrounding forest.

Those who don’t want such a long drive can enjoy a shorter 5km section of the scenic drive which boasts incredible views over the granite outcrops of Porongurup and the Stirling Range to the north.

For both scenic drives the road is mostly unsealed with some steep sections. We completed some smaller sections of the scenic drive and were totally fine driving in our 2WD Mercedes Sprinter, we just took it slowly.

castle rock granite skywalk trails sign
The scenic drives are listed on the right-hand side of the sign.

7. Tantalise your Tastebuds with a Delicious Local Meal

Looking for breakfast, lunch or dinner? Don’t worry you’re all sorted in Porongurup. With a number of incredible dining spots situated throughout Porongurup there really is something for everyone, no matter what meal you’re after.

Below is a list of some of the incredible dining spots in Porongurup:

  • Ironwood Estate Wines and Cafe
  • Karribank and the Karri on Bar
  • Maleeya’s Thai Café
  • The Porongurup Village Inn, Shop & Tearooms

8. Challenge Yourself at the Nearby Stirling Ranges

Thrill seekers will love the challenge of the nearby Stirling Ranges. Located just 30 minutes North of Porongurup, taking on one (or all!) of the climbable Stirling Range mountains is another fantastic way to get out in nature and truly test your fitness.

There are 6 different mountain trails that you can do in the Stirling Ranges; Bluff Knoll, Toolbrunup Peak, Talyuberlup Peak, Mount Trio, Mount Hassel and Mount Magog. Each are truly spectacular and unique in their own right. Most popular of the 6 is Bluff Knoll, the highest mountain in Southern WA. At 1095 metres above sea level the hike up Bluff Knoll is a true test of your endurance as you take on the steep ascent. Reach the top and you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking 360 degree views of the surrounding mountains that are scattered throughout the Stirling Range National Park. On a cloudy day you’ll be up above the clouds, watching them roll over the surrounding mountains, an otherworldly and beautiful sight.

Park entry fees are required for the Stirling Range National Park. At the time of writing this (January 2023) the price is $15 per standard vehicle (with 12 or less occupants).

bluff knoll summit stirling range national park

9. Support Local and Pick Up Some Avocados from a Roadside Stall

There’s nothing better than enjoying some of the incredible produce grown in the Great Southern region and getting to support local farmers directly. When staying or driving through Porongurup, pick up premium-quality avocados from The Sleeping Lady’s roadside stall. The Sleeping Lady has a 55 tree avocado orchard with three different varieties of avocados; Fuerte, Reed and Hass. Available from mid-November to April the delicious avocados are handpicked and set outside the property in an old vintage fridge at the bottom of the driveway. Bring cash as payment is via an honesty box.

Buying direct allows you to support the local community and a farmer directly while also having a lot of other benefits like; more affordable prices, fresher produce and confidence in knowing where you food comes from.

Unfortunately the Sleeping Lady roadside stall was temporarily closed during our visit but we’re true supporters of buying from roadside stalls whenever possible and had a great experience buying local produce from roadside stalls in Pemberton.

avocados unsplash stock photo

10. Admire the Region’s Stunning Arts and Crafts

Art connoisseurs can appreciate the stunning and unique arts and crafts on display in Porongurup at multiple different spots; the gallery at Duke’s Vineyard, the gallery at the Porongurup Inn and Lothlorien Studio.

At the cellar door of Duke’s Vineyard is a gallery which showcases the various artists and photographers who have contributed to the Duke’s Vineyard story. The space was originally designed by one of Duke Vineyards founder’s Hilde Ranson as a place to see her beautiful drawings of local flora and fauna. Upcoming exhibitions include prints by multiple talented artists who have worked with Duke’s Vineyard.

The Porongurup Inn, known for it’s store, accommodation and tearooms, also features an art gallery. The art gallery has on display unique and varied art from local artists. If you fall in-love with a piece, don’t worry, the art on display is also for sale so you can take it home with you.

Lothlorien Studio, an incredible straw bale workshop and art studio is home to award-winning artist, blacksmith and woodworker; Dave Taylor. A true creative, his work embodies nature, with the environment being his primary source of inspiration. Known mostly for his award-winning native timber and iron sculptures, his bespoke work also covers a wide range of other items. Dave’s studio is open by appointment only.

11. Discover the Local Flora and Fauna at the Twin Creeks Conservation Reserve

Just 10 minutes North of the Porongurup Range is a unique private reserve focused on conserving the local flora and fauna. Friends of the Porongurup Range is the volunteer not-for-profit behind the Twin Creeks Conservation Reserve. Dedicated to protecting the natural environment they purchased the 511ha farming property in 2003 and work hard to maintain it.

The reserve is open to the public (for free) and features several short walks. Ideal for nature enthusiasts, take a leisurely stroll while admiring the spectacular diversity of flora and fauna throughout the reserve. Twin Creeks also features picnic facilities, BBQS and toilets so you can make a full day of your visit.

The road leading to the Twin Creeks Conservation Reserve is an unsealed road that has some extremely rough sections. You could drive a 2WD on the road but would have to drive very slowly and carefully over the sections that are heavily corrugated.

twin creeks conservation reserve walk trails map
Map of the Twin Creeks Conservation Reserve taken from the Porongurup Friends website.

Enjoy your Visit to Porongurup!

Hopefully this list has helped you plan for a memorable trip in Porongurup. As such a beautiful spot with unique nature and an abundance of things to do we’re sure you’ll have a great time.

If you’re interested we’ve also put together some answers for frequently asked questions about Porongurup, WA below.

What is Porongurup WA Known For?

Porongurup is a popular spot known for it’s natural beauty and abundance of unique flora and fauna. It’s also known for being the site of the famous Porongurup Range which is 1.1 million years old. With so much to do and see, Porongurup is an amazing tourism destination that will make any trip memorable.

How Far is Porongurup WA from Perth?

Porongurup WA is approximately 390km from Perth, which is about a 4-5 hour drive away (depending on traffic and which route you take).

How Far is Porongurup WA from Albany?

Porongurup WA is approximately 48km from Albany, which is about a 30-45 minute drive away (depending on traffic and which route you take).

How Far is Porongurup WA from the Stirling Ranges?

Porongurup WA is approximately 44km from the Stirling Ranges, which is about a 30 minute drive away (depending on traffic and which route you take).

What Region is Porongurup WA in?

Porongurup WA is in the Great Southern region of Western Australia.

What Shire is Porongurup WA in?

Porongurup WA is in the Shire Of Plantagenet.

What is the Population of Porongurup WA?

Porongurup WA has a population of 342 (according to the 2021 Census).

What is there to do in Porongurup WA?

There are loads of things to do in Porongurup, including:

  1. The Castle Rock Granite Skywalk hike
  2. A visit to the Tree-in-the-Rock
  3. A day of wine tastings at the local wineries
  4. A visit to the Woodlands Distillery
  5. The Nancy Peak and Devils Slide hike
  6. Two scenic drives through Porongurup
  7. Enjoying delicious meals at the local dining spots
  8. The nearby Stirling Range mountain hikes
  9. Shopping from a roadside stall
  10. Visiting local art galleries
  11. A trip to the Twin Creeks Conservation Reserve

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